That’s why Iguodala is an Olympian and You re not Rudy Gay!

Rudy Gay Iguodala

Rudy Gay while a good player, showed last night why Andre Iguodala made the Olympic team instead of him.

What a victory for the Nuggets last night, major road win snapping a 4 game losing streak. While Gallinari and Faried had someĀ major performances, the icing on the cake of the game was Iguodala’s defense on Rudy Gay which resulted in a turnover and essentially ended the game.

Moments before the play, the Grizzlies announcers were talking about how Rudy Gay felt he was snubbed by the Olympic team and thatĀ he deserved to be on the team over Andre Iguodala. What fitting comments for what was about to unfold.

Down one with last than a minute, Gay calls for an isolation with Iguodala guarding him. And then Iguodala shows why he was an Olympic gold medalist, not Gay…Defense.

Huge road win for the Nuggets who now move to 5-6 and on to face division rival Timberwolves on Wednesday in Minnesota. The Grizzlies fall to 8-2 and have their 8 game win streak snapped.

Click through and fast forward to the 2:10 mark to see the clamp down defense on Gay and the resulting turnover.

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