George Karl Humorous on Ty Lawson’s Play in Victory Over Lakers

After the Nuggets fantastic 126 – 114 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, George Karl was impressed with his teams energetic and confident play. Particularly, he was proud of his young point guard Ty Lawson’s play:

George Karl always good with the sense of humor.

George Karl always good with the sense of humor.

“It was just good to see us shoot the ball and beat a good team with some confidence.

I just think the last couple of games, we have been playing with a little more confidence and more awareness of how to win close games. I thought Ty [Lawson] was sensational.

It’s the best he’s played all year. He’s had some cockiness to his handle. We just need him to duplicate that about 45 more times. We’ll give him five or six days off.”  – George Karl per

Karl was right to be happy about the performance by Lawson, who went 6-15 from the field for 17 points along with a season high 14 assists.

For one of the very few times this season, Ty looked confident and aggressive and the Nuggets performance was solid as a result.

As we’ve known for years, Karl is about pushing tempo and pushing his players to be more aggressive, so naturally he had to be impressed.

Beyond Lawson, he also received high energy games from Iguodala (a near triple double) and Brewer (tied a career high with 27 points and 6 3’s).

Like George said, only 45 more games like that and the Nuggets will win the title.


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