It’s going to take more than a prayer to save Tebow from this mess

Here we go again folks, that circus of a team called the New York Jets are at it again.  With Greg McElroy out with a concussion for the final week of the NFL season, the Jets go with none other then…yup you guessed it, Mark Sanchez.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

You’re going with Mark Sanchez, a guy who has been taken out of a game not once, but twice, and just last week was benched for Greg McElroy.  Oh, and did I forget to mention the four interceptions that Sanchez threw against the, at the time, 4-9 Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football?  This decision makes absolutely no sense.  Rex Ryan, and the whole Jets organization are an embarrassment to the NFL.

There are rumors at the end of the season the Jets will trade Mark Sanchez and go after Michael Vick.  Is it just me?  Why would you want this man starting the final game of your NFL season?  Hasn’t Sanchez brought enough heartbreak to Jets fans?  There is no way Sanchez is going to be starting for the Jets next season, so why not go with Tim Tebow and see what he can do?

You have already embarrassed Tebow enough this season by bringing him to New York to make him the “Personal Punt Protector” and “Wildcat Specialist”. Now with McElroy out, Ryan and the Jets pass over Tebow, again, and go back to Mark Sanchez.

Can you blame the guy for publicly saying he is disappointed on how the Jets organization utilized him this season?

A man can only take so much embarrassment.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  The least this organization can do is allow Tebow to start the final game for the Jets, and attempt to let him leave this team on a high note, which they have made almost impossible to do.

Tebow single handedly turned the Denver Broncos around last season,  and made them into a playoff caliber team. Now, the lowly Jets won’t even give this kid a shot?  Ok, yes Denver did have a good defense, but it wasn’t like the Denver defense just said, “Hey, now that Orton’s gone lets start playing some defense for Tebow.” It wasn’ t the Broncos defense that threw that overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas that upset the Steelers.

Congratulations Rex on making a fool of yourself one last time before your horrific season comes to a close.

This Circus is all but ready to leave town.


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