James Harden a Rocket?!?

That’st right, according to a report from Yahoo Sports and Adrian Wojnarowski, James Harden is going to the Rockets in a surprise blockbuster trade along with Cole Aldrige, Lazar Hayward and Dequan Cook. In return, the Thunder get back Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb and draft picks.

This trade is huge for both teams but it could turn out to be a steal for both teams. Kevin Martin has proven that he can score the ball so he can instantly step into Hardens role and in addition the Thunder get Jeremy Lamb the former UConn star who could fit right into the Thunder’s high powered offense.

On the flip side for the Rockets, clearly they get James Harden, one of the most talented offensive players in the game, along with who Cole Aldrige, who hasn’t seen much playing time with OKC but could develop into a very talented big man for Houston.

All we can say is wow…who saw this coming?

*Credit to Yahoo Sports and Adrian Wojnarowski for original story. Full article can be found on Yahoo Sports.

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