Brock Lesnar wins WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam

Brock Lesnar manhandled WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena this past Sunday Summerslam in LA to capture the title. Ever since Daniel Bryan suffered a serious and possible career threatening neck injury after winning the Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania, the WWE has struggled with it’s storyline. Bryan was a fan favorite, at the prime of his…

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Jon Jones Mum on Potential Fight Against Anderson Silva


Jon Jones. Anderson Silva. For casual and hardcore fans alike, these two in the octagon together would be a dream matchup. While the potential super fight has been discussed and pleaded for many times by fans, when asked about fighting Silva in a recent interview from MMA Live Extra, Jones was rather brief on the…

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The Rock set to return at Royal Rumble

The Rock 2013 RR

Finally the Great One is set to return to the ring to take on the WWE Champion (which will be  CM Punk). This was first teased at Raw 1000 back in July when the Rock announced that he will challenge whoever the champion was at the Royal Rumble. Punk is currently recovering from injury but…

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Here we go again folks, that circus of a team called the New York Jets are at it again.  With Greg McElroy out with a concussion for the final week of the NFL season, the Jets go with none other then…yup you guessed it, Mark Sanchez.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You’re going with Mark Sanchez,…

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